Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Best Web Scrapper! (The YP Ripper)

The Best way to traffic good leads!

This software will extract all the information you need from yellow pages. 

- Business Names
-Phone Numbers
-Website urls
- Even addresses!

Directions: You need to download the software at then you select your city and state. Put in the business your searching for and download the contacts.
 you can contact me if your interested in a email mass sender.

I promise you, this has been the best tool to get and will do a lot of work for you!


Monday, April 22, 2013

This company has great website design for cheap! they have great customer service (Fast response).
Essentially my friend val needed a website for his new invention and this company made them a website in a few days. only charged him 200 bucks and they made him a facebook and twitter account with thousands of followers and likes!
Here are his social accounts (if you have to see it for yourself)

These guys are legit! they can get you 10,000 followers on twitter in 2  days!
They can also get you 1,000 - 5,000 likes in 2 days on your page as well!
leading with instant traffic and trust to your customers making your business legit and famous.

Click on the picture below check their pages out!

I dont know what the SEO tricks are... but i do know that they said they can submit up to 8,000 backlinks and directories! that will not get you banned and make your results shoot a mile high!
let me give you an example

It was my promise to give him a good review for all the effort he made in our site and let others know about him as well! so here is his contact information! 

Contact Information: 
Business Number: 888-978-4174

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Description: This is a simple tool that you can stay logged in facebook and easily add friends
all you do is click add friends button until a pop up appears then hit stop adding friends.
 Just make sure you dont add too many friends.
  1.  Adding Friends button
  2.  Adds friends as fast as a human would.
  3.  Stop Adding Friends Button in case of any error. 
  Note: Sorry that its sharecash, it prevents abuse and helps me because of the time i spend making these tools.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The New Twitter Bot!

Twit Auto Follow Bot (TAF)

Description: I put together a bot that will do all that annoying work. Unfollowing all the people who won't follow, following all the people who follow you, and finding users to follow. so i made TAF and it's completely free!

Bot Is Fully Automated!

How It Works:
1.) Deletes All non-followers
2.) Follows all people who have followed you (prevents them from unfollowing you)
3.) Follows your followers until it follows about 500 people (500 because for anti-ban)
4.) Waits 24 Hours and repeats the process.
5.) just leave the program running for days and watch you get thousands of followers!

If you download share cash you will be helping me out and this version does not send a tweet to advertise my site (Better Version)
Download Share Cash:
Twit Auto Bot.exe

Note: this version sends a tweet to advertise my site.
Download Megaupload:
Twit Auto Bot.exe

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something to look forward to!

So i have been working on a new program! this program is going to be completely automated! This program will be free! you might have to download it from sharecash and click a few ads here and there to support me and my hard work but it will be completely free.

What this program will do:
1.) Delete All Non-Followers
2.) Follow All who Follow you
3.) Find People To Follow about 500.
4.) Wait 24 Hours and Repeat

This means you will be getting followers while sleeping! you won't have to do a thing!

So far i have got step 1 and 2 done
please keep visiting my blog for when i release this awesome twitter tool
Here is a picture:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Dads Song He Wrote

Hey so i was at work today and my dad dropped by he showed me this song he put together with a friend so i ripped it and placed it on a youtube video. It's really not that bad and i actually enjoyed it. Listen to it. Please Rate the video and comment it!

Download Video:I Miss Elvis.wmv

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making money with twitter

How to make money with twitter

Hello and welcome to my blog! So you might wonder how you can make money with twitter. The fact is, if you have this automated it's very simple! I am going to break this down into 5 steps. Follow the steps and before you know you will be making money on twitter!

1.) Go to and make 10 profiles! Give each profile a legitimate look and upload a profile picture on each of them... Usually a hot girl that looks like a real picture (no model picture).

2.) Next get a program or go to a site which allows Mass follow on twitter (such as Do this on all your accounts until each are maxed out for the day then wait 36 hours and unfollow all the ones who never followed you back and repeat the cycle.

3.) Once you have at least 50 followers on each account sign up on and place all your accounts on the site.

4.) After you have 50 followers on each account you can post ads on them with revtwt!!! these ads will pay you about 5-25 cents per click!

5.) It's that simple! now just keep repeating Step 2 and Step 4

Now you will be making more and more each day! remember the more followers the more money!